Emerging from seeds

8 years in the making, the Grit Farm takes shape in an above average sized Vancouver residential lot. The modest frontage blossoms as one enters into the yard. The apple and cherry trees, the magnolias, the day lilies and other bright colours greet visitors in mid summer. The tranquil green of the tree coverage is year-round. The bees buzz their welcome buzzes. Behind the tall cedar hedges and the small house built in the “war zone,” is an array of obstacles that hint at the training once performed by the veterans of old. Balance yourself as you cross the small stumps that emerges from the ground. Walk with care as you pass the birds of prey (it’s okay, they are actually cuddly chickens defending their coupe). Climb the walls, jump high and hang on tight as you swing across the monkey bars. If unsure, check with the kids who have mastered the technique. Take care not to crash and tear down the clematis or knock off the pears, plums and figs before they are ripe. Training is all about control, discipline and respect for the environment. Don’t let the smell of roses distract you; they are there to help you stay calm and relaxed. It’s not about conquering nature, work with it. If you can be half as strong, you are doing well. Don’t trample on the lettuce, carrots, arugula and other greens on the ground; we need to save them for consumption to keep us healthy. Stay sure, calm, determined and focused like the water moving down to gravity. When the going gets turbulent, roar like the rapids and forge on.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Published by Yo Mama So Fit

Coach, obstacle athlete, runner and mother to Amelita and Seren.

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