Horses are able to reach deep inside the soul and affect real change in that deep part of people. Equine Assisted Learning is all about changing lives through our connection with horses; they can show us about ourselves and how we relate to the world.


Allison and John Tai are both certified through Equine Assisted Learning Canada and have certificates in the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada course.

Coming from a Social Work family, Allison graduated from the social work program at Grant MacEwan University on the Dean’s list.

John is a registered massage therapist and yoga instructor.


At Grit Farm Fitness, we offer two primary EAL Canada programs along with one-on-one and custom coaching.

The first is Trail of the Heart. It is a personal journey based on the travels of yesteryear. In the olden days, a traveler felt drawn to new and exciting destinations, wanting something better for their life. It is about the expedition before us, to go from where we are to the place we want to be. There are 6 sessions in the journey.


Session One – Discern – examining your past and its influence on your life

Session Two – Design – planning the future is up to you

Session Three – Discover – finding your potential and beginning to nourish it

Session Four – Determine – uncovering your assets and setting your goals

Session Five – Desire – building a passionate craving to achieve your goals

Session Six – Destiny – you’re on your way

The second is In Front of the Herd was developed to provide youth an opportunity to acquire fundamental skills and abilities in the field of leadership. The program has 7 sessions.


Session One – Introduction

Session Two – Principles of Effective Leadership

Session Three – Character

Session Four – Trust and Respect

Session Five – Relationships

Session Six – Influence

Session Seven – Change


We also provide One-on-One and Family sessions to address specific sticking points.

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