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North of the Farm (Lytton)

Blue Lake Resort – swim, paddle, hike, go on a frog hunt or just soak up this gorgeous blue mountain lake on a hot summer day!

Jackass Peak and Mount Lytton

The Old Bridge, The Suspension Bridge and the “Old Bridge”

Lytton Reaction Cable Ferry

Lytton Chinese History Museum

Stein Valley – Lower Valley (30k), Mid-Stein (3 cable car crossings), Upper Stein (10.5k), Elton Lake (4k), Blowdown Pass (25k), Brimful Lake, Stryen Creek, Stein Traverse (75k), Mini Traverse (55k)

Lytton is 25 minutes from the farm.



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West of the Farm (Boston Bar & North Bend)

Nathatlach – visit Mehatl (8k) or Grizzly Falls – or head to the famous Nahatlatch Forestry Lookout; hike, run, cycle, canoe, fish, hunt; or just chill at the river and look for grizzlies. There are tons of logging roads in the area including one that leads all the way to Harrison Hotsprings!

Hanging Valley – absolutely breathtaking run/ride from Fir Flats.

Kwoiek Creek/Lake – stunning backcountry lake

The Needle

Skuzzy Creek

Almer Carlson Outdoor Pool – brand new lane pool less than 10 minutes from the farm!

Reo Rafting – world class rafting adventures on the Fraser just 30 minutes from us!



South of the Farm (Yale)

Spirit Caves – a 5k trail near Yale BC with about 520m worth of vert. Start at Pioneer Cemetery (well marked trailhead). 5-6 small caves at top, as well as stunning views of Yale and the Fraser Canyon. 30 minutes from farm.

Yale Historic Site – recreating gold rush era life in the Fraser Canyon!

Alexandra Bridge – this little bridge was instrumental in establishing a connection from the coast to the east side of the Fraser Canyon on the during the gold rush of the 1860s. The bridge was originally built in 1865 but rebuilt in 1926… although the original footings remain (that’s solid building!). It’s an easy 1k walk from the parking lot where you can see the bridge – and sections of what little remains of the Cariboo Wagon Road, once providing overland passage from Yale to the Barkerville. 20 minutes from farm.

First Brigade Trail / Tikwalus Hertitage Trail – also called the “1848 trail” after the year it was modernized by Alexander Caulfield Anderson (of the HBC) who wanted to build a fur trading route from Yale to the Kamloops/Merritt area. Bemusingly, the route branches off into Bluff or “the 1958 trail” named for the time miners trekked northward to Lytton and Boston Bar. Although the trail has existed far longer as passage for the Nlaka’pamux (Thompson) First Nation people, who shared their trail with AC Anderson of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), to use as and overland fur transport route from Fort Kamloops to Fort Langley. Sadly a coworker of Andersons decided a short-cut over the treacherous Manson’s ridge was more direct and would save time. Well, the route was quickly deemed too strenuous for the brigades and the first one lost 70 horses and one man (who committed suicide). There was only ever one more brigade that took to the trail, as an easier route was established through Hope. The trail did continue to be used by First Nations, miners, ranchers and gold seekers and was likely a god send for the 10,000+ who later arrived for the gold rush and needed to make their way north through the rugged Fraser Canyon.

The trail starts about 5k north of Alexandria Lodge, just north of the the tunnel on the west side fo the road, but the trailhead is on the east side of the road – so cross carefully! There is signage along the trail but if heading the Gate Mountain route you need to pay attention to the route near the end as the trail pas the campsite is not well trekked.
After passing the Lake Mountain Campsite you can continue to Gate Mountain (16km) or return via Bluffs (1858) to your car for a 13km/ 760 metre gain kinda day.
20 minutes from farm. Fraser Canyon vacationTikwalus

Hell’s Gate – a short but steep walk into the canyon or a very quick tram ride down. There’s a ton of historical info, food and treats at the bottom. And you can even pan for gold! 15 minutes from the farm.

Tuckkwiowhum Village – go back thousands of years to experience traditional Nlaka’pamux life. 10 minutes from farm.

Anderson Creek – white Sand Beaches and gorgeous views. Check out the Salmon fighting their way upstream in spawning season or pan for gold! The World Championship Gold Panning Competition is even held here! 10 minutes from farm.






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