Soul Horse

Are you feeling stuck? Looking for a new way to relate to the world and yourself?


Enter the horse as teacher.


Soul Horse uses a variety of activities and experiences involving horses (on the ground only – no riding) to draw out truths in terms of how you relate to the world.


Why horses?


How can horses help people who struggle with complicated problems like PTSD, depression, pain, and anxiety? Relationship difficulties at home or at work? Who yearn to connect to a deep spirituality which brings meaning to their existence?


Seems like a pretty tall order for an equine.


But this is something that horses, across cultures, have long been doing. Our industrially “driven” disconnection to a bond fostered long ago is perhaps one of the greatest challenges to modern humanity.


Horses are natural empaths. Few animals have the capacity and inane ability to respond to the energy a person radiates. They are drawn to strong leadership and have a way of highlighting patterns and tendencies that people are not able to see. They are also highly in-tune with your real, way down deep, emotions.


People also just connect with horses. It’s like these big powerful, majestic beings see right through to your soul.


This program is not for “horse people.” It’s for people with no horse experience. Who want to reconnect to something deeper in their lives. Who want to see themselves through the unbiased eyes of a horse, and begin a process of healing and connection.


The weekend starts Friday, May 8th at 6pm and ends Sunday, May 10th at 3pm


Make a great Mother’s Day gift to work on you 🙂


Breakfast Saturday and Sunday; lunch Saturday and Sunday; and dinner Friday and Saturday will be provided along with all activities and group accommodation Friday and Saturday.


$499 CAD

Spots are extremely limited so please reserve ASAP to secure your space by emailing



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