The Grit Farmers

The Tai’s met in the quiet town of Edmonton.

Allison grew up with horses and is all about living a simple rustic life.

John grew up in Vancouver amidst the mountains and the forest; a childhood full of mountains and wilderness.

Moving to Vancouver in 2010, the couple were determined to create a country home in the city: full of nature, where they could grow some of their own food and raise a family that would be connected to their environment.


profile4Allison discovered running and triathlons when she moved on from riding horses in college. She performed well: with many podium finishes including a 2nd in her age category at Ironman Canada 2006. Her hopes as a pro-triathlete quickly ended a week following the race when she was rear-ended by a Chev Avalanche at 100km/h, while cycling. Despite being deemed 24.5% disabled, she got hooked on excitement of obstacle racing and quickly found herself topping the podiums.

Known as Yo Mama So Fit, she is now a top level OCR athlete. Particularly fond of ultra distance challenges and adventure, Allison won both the Sun Peaks and Tahoe UltraBeasts in the same calendar week. Later in 2017, she came in third in the Tougher Mudder World Championship and the Spartan Ultra 24 World Championships. She also finished second in the 2014 and 2017 World’s Toughest Mudders and was the first person from Western Canada to win the Spartan Canada Point Series in 2015.

In 2018, she won the Obstacle Course Race World Championship Enduro and Australia’s Toughest Mudder.

However, her biggest athletic achievement to date is winning the first Toughest Mudder Series that was recently televised on CBS. The Toughest Mudder is an 8-hour obstacle course race that starts at midnight and end at 8am.

Aside from being an accomplished obstacle race athlete, Allison holds numerous certifications in fitness from group fitness to personal training. In the past, she’s been certified in STOTT Pilates, Functional Movement Screens (FMS) and Pre and Post Natal Fitness. In fact, she has been everything from a canfitpro PRO TRAINER to a celebrity trainer. These days, she is one of the few certified with Spartan as a Level Two and has SOS (Spartan Obstacle Specialist) and Spartan Edge certifications.

Nothing in her professional life, however, has compared to the joy and challenge of raising her two daughters. When they were smaller, she would carry both of them on her back up Grouse Mountain on training hikes: singing, learning the alphabet and doing math. Now the young girls chase eagerly to keep up with mom. Her oldest, Ama, has been hiking the Grind since she was 4… with a then time of 3hrs. Now at 7 years, she now has a personal best time of 1:45. Seren at the age of 4 is taking her time but is determined to be first some day.



John Tai

RMT athlete Vancouver

John has been active in competitive sports since the age of 10. He has gravitated to health and fitness with registrations in massage, group fitness, coaching and electroneurophysiology. At the farm he utilizes his skills in building the training grounds and landscaping the food.


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